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Good Trouble

Good Trouble's a brand new group from the Roaring Fork Valley, They play a very refined and rehearsed set of contemporary, soulful rhythms, classic rock and original world music. They recently debuted at the sixth annual Pumpkin Jazz Festival for TACAW in Triangle Park in Willits, Colorado. They're a very well prepared, experienced band of professionals who rely heavily on spontaneous improvisation over specific forms of some of the most inspired and detailed music of modern times. Good Trouble is a remarkable band of music creators, innovators of a rare kind. Sample the following demo video of their debut performance.

Good Trouble is

Patrick Amdahl - guitar

Mike Facey - bass

Paul Valentine - drums

John Riger - keyboard


$150/hour per musician/staff

Two Hour Minimum

Two Hour Show = $1200

Three Hour Show = $1800
(Two hour show no intermission. Three hour show one fifteen minute intermission)

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